3 Myths about Local Printing Companies

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Have you ever needed something printed and went to WalMart, Target or Staples instead of asking your local printing companies? Many people have misconceptions about local printers, however, they have just as much to offer as any of the big-box retail stores as well as the expertise to offer professional advice and even design, typically at the same or lower cost. Here are three myths you shouldn’t fall for when thinking about your next printing project:


3 Myths about Local Printing Companies:

  1. They Don’t Have Fast Service – This is a common misconception, especially in smaller cities; however, your local printing company is more likely to provide quick, high-quality service than bigger companies that advertise their fast service.  The staff is also more knowledgeable than a sales associate at another retailer, where they may not be trained to perform printing tasks.


  1. The Prices Are Too High – Another myth. The truth is that prices are essentially the same wherever you go. So, not only will working with a local printing company not cost more, you’ll be getting the added value of working with experienced professionals that you can build a relationship with.  Unlike at a big business, where there may be different employees working in the printing department every day, a local printing company will remember you when you come in, so if you’re not entirely satisfied with their work, they can take care of it quickly.


  1. They Can’t Give Me What I Need – On the contrary, local printing companies have more printing options and services available, since that’s their specialty and have the experience adapt to the public’s needs. Even if your local printing company doesn’t have exactly the type of paper you’re searching for, they can order it and would be happy to do so!

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