Advertise Your Business On The Go With Vehicle Magnetic Signs

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Convenient, inexpensive, transferable, and highly visible mobile advertising in Denver!

Duck Car Magnet

Vehicle magnets are a very convenient type of sign because they attach to the door, sides or tailgate of your vehicle and can be removed whenever you like, so if you use different vehicles for your business, you can just transfer the sign without having to invest in new ones each time.

Car magnets are also an inexpensive form of vehicle advertising and can be used by self-employed contractors, real estate agents, insurance professionals, private investigators, florists, pizza delivery clerks, surveyors, county & state employees, and pool maintenance professionals, just to name a few!

Give your business a great presentation everywhere you go by using a professionally-designed magnet for your vehicle with Victory Print & Design!

We can customize your vehicle magnets with your logo, business contact information, website, and the services your offer. So if you are looking for high-quality and affordable vehicle advertising in Denver, come by our convenient location in Lakewood and let our graphic design experts help you with all of your marketing needs!

Some tips to maintain and clean your Car Magnets

  • Avoid using the magnet in extreme conditions, such as temperatures above 40°C or below -5°.
  • Be aware that long-term use of frequently exposed to sunlight surfaces can result in uneven fading of the surface.
  • Magnets should regularly be removed to clean both the surface of the vehicle and the magnet with a mild detergent wash. For vehicles, make sure it is done at least once a week, and more if the environment is dusty or dirty
  • Do not leave the magnet permanently on the surface, they are designed to be removed and cleaned regularly to ensure a good bond to the vehicle and reduce the risk of adhering to the surface.
  • In rainy or wet conditions, ensure the magnet is removed from the surface when it stops. Dry both the magnet and surface before re-applying it. Do not leave a wet magnet on a wet surface for long periods, as it can cause damage to the magnet and surface, it is applied. Water beneath the magnet can also reduce the magnetic adhesion.
  • Remove the magnets before washing the car. Do not use chemicals, solvents, abrasive products, brushes or high-pressure hoses to clean the magnet.
  • Always ensure the magnet and magnet’s surface is clean, smooth and dry before and during use.

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