Plastic comb and coil binding for your documents

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Make your presentation materials stand out with the bound type of your choice

Documents turn into material simple to distribute, manage and store with your choice of binding. It’s also an excellent way to give a professional and stylish look to documents and projects.

Wondering which binding method to use? Here’s what you need to know for each bound type.

Spiral Bound Notebook

Spiral Bound Notebook

Comb (spiral) binding, allows you to easily open up your book to add or remove pages without destroying the binding. This binding method may be the best choice when it comes to documents that will be edited and re-used, for instance, training manuals. So if you have a document to which you need to add more pages you can use comb binding. While it is possible to make such changes to coil-bound books, the coil is destroyed when the book is opened up. The book can be re-bound but at a higher cost than with comb binding, especially with thicker books.

Coil binding is significantly more durable than comb because the coil is made of a thicker material. Also, it feeds through smaller round holes which run the entire length of the edge, as opposed to the larger, more separated rectangle holes drilled in the comb binding process. Furthermore, a coil does not have any moving parts, while comb bindings can come open. As a result, there is less wear and tear on the edge of a coil bound book. Plus, if compressed, the coil bounces back to regain its shape. So if you need your book to last longer, the coil is the best choice. You can find standard spine in sizes from 4.8 mm (316 in) (for 16 sheets of 20# paper) up to 51 mm (2 in) (for 425 sheets). And, spine lengths are available in 280 mm (11 in) to match the length of the letter-size paper.

Use document binding for short courses, training sessions or trade-show booth booklets, pamphlets and other documents to hand out to customers or trainees. We print and assemble full-color booklets, notebooks, tablets, training manuals, presentations folders and pamphlets with comb bindings or coil bindings.  Binding is quick and easy, and can even be done while you wait.

Booklet Design

Booklet Design

Green Double-coil Bind Plastic Cover Notebook

To create booklets presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, which features a page style with colored borders, edging and highlights is used. Both comb and coil bindings can be chosen to match or to accent the color scheme of the pamphlet or presentation. Plus, a clear acrylic cover can be added to protect and strengthen a booklet. Colored plastic covers are available as well.

Bound booklets that will only be used a few times may be printed on standard weight copy paper. Reference manuals or equipment instruction manuals that must last for years, in the classroom, laboratory or manufacturing plant environments may be printed on heavy card stock and may be laminated. Spiral-bound, plastic-laminated booklets printed on heavy stock are rugged, durable, easily cleaned, and last practically forever.

Keep it together with quality plastic comb & coil binding

The ideal document binding method depends largely on the function of the document, the number of pages it contains and the printing budget. Just make sure you get quality materials for a professional look. Turn toward printing services who offer not only a wide selection of combs and coils but high-quality paper.