Gear-up for gift-giving season with pro prints

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Think about a custom gift card for Thanksgiving?

Gifting clients and employees around the holidays isn’t just a nice way to spread some cheer, it’s a smart business tactic, according to a recent study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI).

Customized gift cards with personalized handwritten notes will do it

Custom greeting cards

Corporate ”Thank You” Greeting Card

If you don’t have the budget to send a gift to every client or prospect, don’t worry: customized gift cards with personalized handwritten notes are a nice touch too and can accommodate to any budget. We recommend sending a “thanks for your business” towards late November (just before Thanksgiving) so that your card can be the first-holiday-card to arrive in a recipient’s mailbox. Sending cards early is a great and affordable way to make your message get first and stand out from the pack.

Put your message in many other applications

You can print your Thanksgiving 2015 personalized handwritten notes and sayings on personalized cards. Or you can put your ideas on many other applications: From t-shirts, coffee mugs, and hats to posters and cards. Professional designers can take your message through to completion or translate your artwork into a ”special message” ready to print on a variety of promotional products. There are many print options in the market such as:

creative promotional products

Custom Ceramic Mug

– Black and white designs

– One color designs
– Four color designs
– Multi-color designs
– Print-ready artwork
– Custom vinyl lettering

While gift cards remain one of the most popular gifts for employees, you can get creative and present the card with something the person will hold onto much longer. For instance, you can put the card into different promotional items such as a branded tumbler mug, a water bottle, or even zip it into the pocket of an embroidered fleece jacket. Another idea is to place the card inside a branded picture frame that will sit on the recipient’s desk after the card is used.

Think about a very special message for upcoming holidays and print it over any item of your choice.

Custom giftcards

Gear-up for gift-giving season with pro prints

Many print companies in Denver offer virtual samples that you can create and customize online over any of the available products with your name, logo, contact information, etc. Plus, you’ll always have lots of options to choose from in a variety of sizes and materials, including some at very affordable prices. Make sure you get superior quality products.