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Banner Materials

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There are many ways you can promote your business or a new product or service that you offer. Banners are one of the most popular tools for such promotion in a unique and professional way. They can be printed on paper or vinyl, so let us see what is the difference, and the pros and cons of each.

Paper Banners vs. Vinyl Banners

Paper banner roll

Paper banner roll

The time a banner will be exposed to and the weather conditions they must endure during that time determine if your banner can be printed on paper or vinyl.

Paper Banners

They are best for indoor use, or for one-time events like a birthday party or a special occasion. Thou, they can be placed outdoors if there is minimum moisture risk. The paper banner option can rip more easily than a vinyl banner, even during installation. Because paper banners can’t easily stand up to the test of time or the rigors of travel, much less the outdoors, they have a lower cost. Paper banners shouldn’t get wet, and they are not made to endure rain or strong wind. So, if you need a banner or sign to hold up in outdoor conditions, paper banners may not be your best choice. There can be

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banner roll

Vinyl banner roll

Vinyl is an excellent material because of its ability to be printed on and its flexibility. Contrary to paper, vinyl is resistant to moisture and humidity; resulting in a long-lasting and durable material. You can use vinyl banners for advertising a special occasion, trade show booths, or simply promoting your business. This long-lasting material can resist weather elements much better than paper.

Increase the Visibility of Your Brand

Get custom printed banners or signs to increase the visibility of your brand at all types of events. Whether you choose paper or vinyl, promotional banners are one of the best tools for advertising indoor & outdoor events in Denver.

custom banners and banners materials

Mesh Vinyl Single-Sided Banner

Professional printing services can print banners in a wide format, paper or vinyl in a variety of sizes; and also, help you design – from any digital photographs or graphic design files – the banner’s content, from the font to the colors.

Tip: Remember, fonts are important. Bigger letters are easier to read. Color and contrast are important too. When selecting the design, letters, font, and graphics consider the readability of your final product. This will have a major impact on your message.

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