How to Design an Effective Outdoor Banner

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How Effective are Outdoor Banners?

Outdoor banners is an efficient way to promote your products or services to local customers, at your shop, retail, trade shows, or special events. Plus, banners stand out and get noticed when printed in large format. Additionally, is a cost-effective medium to advertise, so you can reach many potential customers for minimal investment.

Tips for Effective Outdoor Banner Design

Banners can make a statement, but only if they have been designed effectively. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when designing outdoor & indoor banners:

Tips for Effective Outdoor Banner Design The Message

Determine the end-result that you want to accomplish by displaying my banner. In this way, you will easily settle your ultimate goal and the designing process.


Targeted Placement

Effective banner requires intelligent targeted placement. There are two main ways to target banner placement, and both strategies can be effective: you can place banners to achieve the greatest possible views, or you can place banners to reach a well-defined audience, which takes us to the next tip.

Craft an Eye-Catching Design

Your banners must feature an attention-getting design to get people to read them. The objective is to have them been noticed before they can be understood and acted upon. To achieve this, you can include unique and unexpected images, large-bold headlines, contrasting colors, large dollar signs, percentage symbols, and “free” text just to mention a few.

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Keep it Simple

A well-designed banner has a simple design and a simple message. Convey one idea on your banner and use a maximum of two font types on your sign. Choose colors wisely as colorful banners attract attention but can also be distracting and expensive. Use the banner to convey one idea and call to action. Don’t be afraid of whitespace: Giving your text some room makes it stand-out.


Finally, it’s important to print your banners on quality vinyl, vinyl mesh, or canvas material with UV-resistant inks. Doing so not only increases their longevity, they make your banners look amazing – which in turn makes your brand appear trustworthy.

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