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Business Cards Styles

Business cards can be designed in many shapes, sizes, paper styles and much more. So, when trying to create one from scratch, it could get a bit challenging. For this reason, we have wrapped up five styles that you can choose when creating your new business cards in Denver.

Five types of Business Card Designs

Here are five types of business cards that you can consider to starting with.

Business Cards Styles

1. The Conventional Business Card

The classic business card has a standard format with simply all the information needed. Still, you can make it attractive by the use of nice paper and letterpress printing.

2. The Wild-Format

Some people like to play with different formats for business cards. While some prefer a huge folded format that turns the card into a small brochure, others prefer to go tiny. Regardless of the way you choose to get your card noticed when you give it, you should take into account how people will store your card. Use cutting wisely and you could create a cool business card that will fit into the customer’s pocket.

3. The Magnetic Business Card

Business Cards StylesMake your business sticks with customers. The magnetic business card is an excellent way to keep your services at the forefront of a potential customer’s mind. Magnetic business cards can be stuck to desks, filing cabinets, and refrigerators, where they are kept at eye level. Unlike normal business cards which are often lost or tossed, these type of business cards is usually kept around for a while to display photos and pieces of paper.

4. The Gadget Business Card

Making a card that can transform into something else is quite genius! It definitely makes an impression when you hand it out. For example, a business card that can be folded up to form a working caliper rule or a rugged metal card featuring a cut-out section to prise the tops off any waiting bottles.

5. The Typographic

These are business cards that specifically use typography to look cool. Creating a typographic business card can be very fun for any graphic designer.

You can go classic or you can try to be creative, and you’ll get noticed for sure, why not get some inspiration from the internet? Or you can come to Victory Print & Design for expert help.


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