Professional menu printing for restaurants

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Showcase the best your restaurant has to offer with pro print menus

Menus are an essential aspect of any restaurant, food or beverage service business. An appealing print-ready dine-in menu, as well as a takeout menu, can encourage customers to try multiple servings. Contrary, a low quality printed menu can, in fact, repel new visitors from further exploring the menu and your offers.

High-quality restaurant menu printing

Promote your Denver business - menu prints for restaurants

Menu printing is one of the most cost-effective and potentially profitable investments any food or beverage service business can make. When done right, menus are the brochure of the restaurant industry, very powerful motivators that bring business and new clients by the dozens even thousands.

We want your menus to ignite your customers’ appetite. For this reason, we recommend printing them on high-quality thick 100 lb. gloss text with a glossy UV coated sheen on both sides, showing off your delicious dishes, ideally with great photos. Look for quality paper and cardstock that provide strong durability and excellent color reproduction – full-color printing is recommended as well.

High quality restaurant menu printing

Gloss book menu

Consider getting a laminated menu that is more durable while being lighter and easier to carry around than a bulky cover – plus they’ll feel right in your customers’ hands. In addition, laminated menus stay cleaner for longer and can be gently wiped off, so replacements are needed less frequently.

High-quality printed menus will pay off in bigger tickets and satisfied diners. Invest in a high-quality printed menu if you wish your business to be perceived in the same way!

Other uses for your printed menus

Menus are not just for restaurants or food and beverages businesses. Printing your customized menus for holiday meals and weddings as well as milestone events such as anniversary parties and retirement dinners is a great way to make an event extra special. Plus, an eye-catching menu can become a highly effective direct mailing, especially when coupled with a time-limited coupon.

Besides color and design, font choice and usage are very important for an easily-readable menu.

Try professional menu printing with us!

Ordering professionally printed menus will save you time and money. No need to buy paper or ink cartridges, no time wasted trimming edges or folding! All over Denver, you will find many printing services options for your next new menus or for updating the old ones. Victory Print & Design can promptly take care of it, so visit us at Lakewood and we’ll deliver some really great menu designs!