The 5 Marketing Materials You Need to Update During a Rebranding

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If your company is rebranding, there’s a good chance you’re working your way down a lengthy checklist of things to update. Whether your former brand failed to deliver results or your company has outgrown your older branding, there are many marketing materials that will need a refresh to feature your new logo, tagline and information. What types of marketing materials will you need to update during a rebranding?

Why Is It Time for a Rebrand?

Companies decide to take the plunge and rebrand for a wide variety of reasons. The top reasons why a company will choose to update their marketing materials and rebrand include:

  • A merger or acquisition
  • Changes in business ownership or succession
  • Changing market or target audience
  • An outdated image
  • A poor reputation or bad event associated with the existing branding

5 Marketing Materials You Need to Update During Your Rebranding

  1. Print Materials: Anything that you would give to a prospective customer or client, like a brochure, flyer or educational pamphlet, should be updated to match your new branding. Many companies forget to update everything at once, which means they look less than cohesive and professional.
  2. Poster Presentations: Whether you use posters and banners at trade shows or community events, any trade show or poster presentation materials should reflect your current name, logo, tagline and colors.
  3. Social Media Profiles: All of your social media platforms should be given new profile pictures and banner photos, names (if applicable), “about us” sections and feature a post launching your new look.
  4. Promotional Marketing Materials: Promo materials that you give out at tradeshows, networking events and community events need to reflect your rebranding. Pens, notepads, water bottles, t-shirts and other promo products are also a great way to raise awareness for your new logo and look.
  5. Business Cards: Your business cards are probably your most-used marketing materials, which means they should be at the top of your list during a rebranding. At Victory Print and Design, we can assist you with designing and printing new business cards that will beautifully reflect your new brand and paint your business in its best light.

Victory Print and Design for Your Marketing Materials

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