The History of Business Cards

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What is one of the most well-known and successful ways to make business connections? Handing out your business card! This classic card with all your contact details can be designed any way you’d like so you can have a unique business card of your own for networking and marketing. Where did this card come from? You might not know is that the origins of this classic card date back centuries.


The business card can be traced all the way back to 15th century China. Known as “visiting cards,” they were a necessity among the upper class, as they were used to introduce themselves to others and announce who they wanted to meet with. Servants would collect the cards from them, and the businessmen would look over the cards to decide who they would meet with.

During the 17th century in Europe, “visiting cards” became more popular. Often used by the social elite, the decorative cards displayed just the name of the person. There was a strict system of etiquette and rules for using these cards in social settings. Women even had to carry their cards in a case, while men were allowed to carry their loose in their pockets. In London, they started becoming a popular way to advertise. Known as “trade cards,” they were used as maps to provide directions to businesses.

In the 18th century, the cards were made with copperplate engraving and usually in single colors. It wasn’t until the 19th century that several colors were involved in the printing of cards. The strict system of rules and etiquette surrounding the cards was lessened around the time of the industrial revolution, when the visiting card and trade card combined to create the business card. The rise of modern, more efficient printing techniques gave way to the creation of the business card that we would recognize today.


Now, business cards are the established way for people to exchange business information. Business cards have come a long way from their more traditional uses of visiting cards and trade cards. They are a staple for every business professional because they are an important resource for networking. With business cards, professionals can exchange relevant details like phone numbers, email addresses, websites, etc. They can be designed in different colors in a variety of styles so that your card can be unique while also conveying the necessary information.

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