The Reliable Power of Promotional Products

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Did you know that Promotional Products make up a nearly $17 billion dollar industry and are used by virtually every business in the U.S.?

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Promotional items like mugs, pens, t-shirts and thousands of other articles are memorable and provide a better cost per impression for advertisers than almost any other major marketing effort like TV, magazines and the Internet.

But have you ever wondered…how do recipients feel about receiving promotional products? Well, the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) did a study through MarketTools Inc., and this is what they found:


When free promotional products were handed out at an event, mall or trade show:

  • 23% of respondents would pick up the item no matter what it wasFull Color Dye Sublimation Lanyards
  • 69% would take a promotional product only if they found it to be useful

Other findings from the survey reveal that:

  • 91% had, at least, one promotional product in their kitchen
  • 74% had, at least, one promotional product in their work area
  • 55% had, at least, one promotional product in their bedroom closet/storage space
  • 48% reported that they would like to receive promotional products more often
  • 38% felt that promotional products do indeed serve as a constant reminder of the advertiser

One of the most interesting findings is that when respondents were asked to think of a promotional product they’d received in the past 2 years and to recall the particular product, advertiser, and the message, an incredible 76.2% were able to remember all 3 pieces of information!

Items that remain and remind…

There is an enormous opportunity for business owners and professionals like you to boost your brand awareness Custom branding and advertising products in Denverand leave a lasting impression with your customers!

So as these results show, integrating a promotional product into a complete direct marketing campaign is an excellent way to not only reach your target audiences but more importantly, to resonate with them.

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