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Top 6 promotional products your customers definitively love

Offer something special to stand out from competitors

Trade shows, conventions, and expos are among the best occasions to meet new people and potential customers, and you can stand out from competitors if you promote yourself with promotional products they love. Without in-demand promotional items to help initiate conversation and remind people what your company does, your booth may go unnoticed – or worse, potential buyers may switch to your competitors’ booths. Your business needs to do something special that people will remember if you want to avoid losing business.

Use creative, memorable and trendy promotional items

We highly recommend using promotional items that are original, memorable, and stylish so that people will remember you rather than forgetting you after they stop at your booth for free giveaways.  Check out these in-demand items that will help you get people’s attention and help them retain the information you’ve given them.

1- Custom Tote Bags: attendees use customized tote bags to hold the rest of their items as they walk around and explore. Plus, people keep on using imprinted totes to go grocery shopping, which means that your logo will gain repeat exposure every time your promotional bag leaves customers’ houses!

2- Drinkware: people can never have too many water bottles and travel mugs! If you imprint your logo on some colorful, high-quality drinkware then you can guarantee that recipients will most likely hold onto it. Plus, they provide value to customers while still being attractive and customizable, which is what makes them so popular. If recipients use their travel mug or water bottle every day, then you’ll be getting free advertising.

Custom branding and advertising products in Denver

Custom tote bag

Custom promo products in Denver

Double Wall Insulated Tumbler Mug Drinkware











3- Koozies: custom koozies are useful, people love them, and they will always remind potential customers of what your business can do for them. A koozie cooler is a smart choice because people enjoy drinks in an office environment as well as outside the workplace, at home, a picnic, at the beach, among many others.

4- Stress Balls and Stress Figures: a stress ball is a great way to stress that point at trade shows. Round stress relievers are the most affordable promo items you can get, but we definitively recommend getting a uniquely-shaped stress ball if you want to give people something to talk about. Stress squeezies come in thousands of different shapes and colors, so your chances to find one that perfectly suits your line of business!


Best promo products in Denver

Collapsible Koozies Can Coolers

Best promo products in Denver

Bottle koozies with zipper, wine cooler

Promotional items

House Shaped Stress Ball










5- Multi-Tools and Multi-Function Items: combo tools and multi-function products like bottle opener key chains, flashlight keychains, pill box key tags, pen and highlighter combos, and Swiss Army knives serve more than one purpose and therefore increases your chances that recipients will find value in them and keep them for longer. Key tags may seem unnecessary so many people won’t use them, but they will attach one if it’s useful for something else, like opening bottles or storing smaller items.

6- T-Shirts and Jackets: people love them more than any other promotional product. T-shirts come in virtually any color you want, they can be splashed with your favorite design, and people will wear them. Most folks are thrilled when they get new apparel; try offering a free t-shirt to anyone who tries your new product or service and you’ll have an enormous line around the building. Embroidered jackets are also incredibly popular as well, and they tend to last much longer than other apparel.

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Multi-purpose Keychain

Print services in Denver

Light Up Carabiner – Pen – LED – Silver


All over Denver, you’ll always have lots of options to choose from in a variety promo items, including some at very affordable prices. So stay informed and make the best decisions on your custom promo products!