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The know-how on effective stationary printing

Even in today’s digital marketing world, envelopes and stationary are still significant elements in the branding package. So, here we are going to talk about stationary and envelope etiquette. To create effective business stationery and envelopes with a professional look you can follow these simple etiquette guidelines:

  1. Names: When addressing your card, letter, or thank-you card in formal correspondence avoid using abbreviations for professional titles such as Dr. For a non-professional title, such as Mrs. or Mr., it is acceptable to use an abbreviation. In a formal invitation or letter, if you address a couple, start with the husband’s name and title, followed by his’ wife. If middle names are included, spell them out completely.
  2. Addressing envelopes: always make sure you use dark blue or black ink on an envelope. No abbreviations, this includes not using a symbol “&”, write it out the word “and” instead.
  3. Numbers: if the address includes numbers write them in numeral form. The exception is the number one when it stands alone. Any apartment numbers, zip codes, or suite numbers should also appear in the numeral form. The state should be fully written. Do not abbreviate any standard addresses, like Boulevard, Avenue or Street. They should always be written out in long form.
  4. Return address: should be printed on the back flap of the envelope, visible when sealed.  You should not include your name, only your address. On the front of the envelope, center the address of your recipient.  Finally, make sure you have used the same style of font and the same color of ink on the outside of your envelope that you used on the inside.
  5. Stuffing envelopes: when you are ready to stuff your card or letter into the envelope, make sure the printed side is facing your recipient as it is opened. The writing on the invitation should be seen immediately, without flipping it over.


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You can achieve a professional image by customizing printed envelopes

Handwritten is great when you’re sending out invitations. But for business purposes, envelopes with your logo and return address help your customers understand that you are dependable and reliable. Ensure clients recognize correspondence from your company at a glance by using custom business envelopes. You can add a logo, photo or tagline to enhance your business image. This will take the hassle out of addressing your own envelopes and will give you a more professional image.

When it comes to custom stationary and envelopes and any other printing service, there are lots of options available for all businesses marketing needs. Make sure you get superior quality products and apply these stationary and envelope etiquette tips for optimal results.