Wedding Stationery 101: Get to Know the Main Elements

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What is Wedding Stationery?

Wedding stationery is an essential part of your wedding decor, and it is not just about the wedding invitations, you are going to need many other items. But, do you know what are the main elements and why you will need them?

Wedding Stationery Items

Here is here is a quick guide to the main wedding stationery items:

  • Save the Date Cards: Help your friends and beloved ones to remember your upcoming wedding.
  • Invitation:  It is a particular letter asking the recipient to attend a wedding.
  • Envelopes: Protects with style your wedding invitations.
  • RSPV Cards: Response cards make keeping track of your guest list much easier.
  • Thank you Cards: Personalized cards to express thanks for the support on your big day.
  • Table Place Cards: Aim to guiding guests to their seats.
  • Wedding Menus: Shows guest the Meals & Drinks served during your wedding party.
  • Order of Service:  It displays the step-by-step account of what your attendees can expect throughout the ceremony.
  • Seating Plan: Determines, who sits where.
  • Wedding Favors: Small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding. The ideal present for that special day is a wedding gift card.
  • Guest Book: Capture the memories and sentiments of those close to you.


Wedding invitations and stationery

The invitation is going to be the very first thing your guests see when they receive the envelope in the mail; it sets the tone of your entire wedding. Place cards guide guests to their seats, menus show them the meals & drinks, and order of service lets your guests know what’s going on during the ceremony. And last but not least, thank-you notes highlight gratitude for any gifts or just for helping you celebrate and making it an unforgettable day. Bear in mind that stationeries have to be both, appealing to look at and logical to understand. So, reach out for the best design & printing services in Denver for all your wedding stationery needs.

Wedding Stationery Design & Printing Services in Denver

Make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for your big day!

Whether you just have the spark of an idea or a nearly complete design, discuss your personal needs with a professional at Victory Print & Design. Our experts will see your design through to completion or take your artwork and have it ready to print on a variety of promotional materials.

  • Black and white designs
  • One color designs
  • Four color designs
  • Multi-color designs
  • Print-ready artwork
  • Custom vinyl lettering

Victory Print & Design has all you need for your wedding stationary in Denver.

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