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What you need to know about advertising flags

Get your message noticed with advertising flags

An advertising flag is one of the most effective ways to promote a product, service, or event. Their innovative banner design ensures your image is always visible from any direction, for your target market to see, in conditions where other advertising methods fail. They add movement which attracts the eye, ensuring your promotional message gets the attention it deserves. So if you’re a business owner and you have a special event going on, a new product or service to promote, then you should consider using custom flags to get your message noticed.

Key consideration to make when creating advertising flags

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Sabre Sail flag

Traditional flags, style flags, feather flags, sun blade flags, teardrop flags, are some of the different banner designs you can choose from for your custom advertising flag.

Whether you decide to use a feather or a teardrop flag, there are several factors you must consider before you finalize its design. These factors can affect the cost of your advertising flag, so it’s wise to take them into account for efficient design.

Flag Colors

The cost of printing flags can sometimes depend on the number of colors you will use, as well as the imprint method you will choose. We recommend full-color dye sublimation printing that is a better quality and cost-effective choice among other methods.

Banner Size

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Banner size matters

The size of the flags will usually depend on how big or small the image or logo you want to display is. If you want the image to be detailed and noticeable, then it is highly recommended that you choose a bigger flag to ensure optimum visibility.

Flag fabric

The type of fabric you will use for your flags can also affect their cost and appearance. When choosing the type of substrate, you should consider where you will be placing the flags: Indoors or outdoors. Remember that different materials provide different benefits. Most popular fabrics include: knitted polyester and 200 Denier Nylon.

One-sided or double-sided

Commonly, one-sided flags are printed on a single ply material that allows the color to bleed through and become visible on both sides. Double-sided flags, on the other hand, are created using three layers of material. The graphics are printed on the two outer layers while the inner layer is used to prevent the colors from bleeding. Because of the extra layers of fabric, double-sided flags are more expensive than one-sided flags.

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Get Advertising Flags at Victory Print!

Now you know what to consider about advertising flags. It’s time to print them out!

You should always seek professional printing services for your advertising flags to ensure that the quality of the message you are delivering represents your brand and image accurately.