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Never fail to grab attention with a professional vehicle wrap

Also called vehicle wraps, truck wraps, among others; car wraps are used to draw attention to professional vehicles. Vehicle wraps serve as large, moving billboards as they carry your contact information and establish that your business is savvy, stylish, and up-to-date. Our specialized design team will help you produce the sign, decal, or logo you want.

Perforated vinyl signs in Denver: Wraps printed on perforated vinyl

Perforated vinyl is a sheet of vinyl material with a pattern of tiny holes cut through it. There are so many of these holes that a significant amount of the material is removed. The amount of vinyl removed usually ranges from 30 to 50%.  For instance, 60/40 vinyl is 60% vinyl and 40% holes. Perforated vinyl signs are opaque when seen from outside a window. The inner side of perforated vinyl, however, is dark colored. Our standard for wrapping is a durable film that is extremely conformable and easy to apply. Our graphics are printed at a very high resolution to produce an impressive, high-quality graphic with longevity. The price is set per square foot.

Choose see-through vinyl to extend a car wrap


Vehicle wraps in DenverPerforated vinyl can be used to extend a wrap over the side and rear windows of a truck or other vehicle.  The perforated vinyl window works like window tinting to reduce glare and eliminate visibility from the outside in while allowing full visibility from the inside out. As a result, it allows you to advertise and have privacy at the same time.

Professional vehicles need professional vehicle wraps.

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Vehicle wraps and graphics are the most cost-effective form of advertising. They are constantly viewed and stand out from the everyday media stimulus to reach a large audience every day. Whether you just have the spark of an idea or a nearly a complete design, discuss your marketing needs with our professionals at Victory Print & Design. Get the best deal with one of our Graphic Design Packages for your business; combining quality service, fastest turnaround and our low price guarantee.

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