Common Business Card Template Design Mistakes Pt.2

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On a previous blog, we talked about some mistakes to avoid when creating your new business cards. Check out the second part.

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Make your business cards look pro by avoiding the most common design mistakes.

6. Remove Ambiguity

creating your new business cards,Use labels if you are going to include more than one phone number on your card. By doing this, the reader will easily identify if the additional phone numbers are office, main, or mobile numbers. Also, identify the address types (such as physical address or mailing address). And, if you do international business, add the country code to your phone numbers as well as the country to your address.

7. Include the URL

Social network icons aren’t clickable. Always include the social network URL! If you include the icon, i.e. Facebook, place the URL near it so that people know how to find you.

8. Use a LinkedIn Custom Public URL

If you include your LinkedIn profile on your card, get a customized public profile URL. They are shorter and easier to read as they aren’t made up of a series of random letters and numbers.
Don’t just go to your LinkedIn profile and copy and paste the URL. Find the public URL and utilize it. For example, when I’m logged in to LinkedIn and go to ”my profile” I see a URL However, down in ”my profile”, I see the public URL, which is Public URL’s will typically look like or Failure to place the proper URL on your business card will limit who can see your profile.

creating your new business cards

9. Unusual Shapes and Sizes

It is recommended to stick to the standard dimensions. In the United States, the standard business card dimension is 3.5″ by 2″.

10. Company Logo

Put your company’s name just above the address so as to remove any doubt as to what the company name is.

While there are a handful of other design mistakes commonly made in business card templates, these are some of the more common issues we see that are easily correctable. If you stick to some of these guidelines, you will likely see a reduction in the number of cards that you hand out that simply end up in a pile without being input into an address book or CRM system.

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