Add some flair to your business with name badges

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Why use name badges?

Because they are the best way to identify people and let you know who else is working for the company. For example, you may be entering a brand new office for the first time, and if you have never met the people working there before, name badges allow you to single out that one person, above everyone else.

Get recognized with name badges

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Full-Color Digital Badge

Name badges are the fastest way to make your customers feel secure talking to your staff because they can identify the person by its name. Plus, they are stylish accessories that can easily be attached to apparel. Moreover, they can be customized with your logo and then personalized with a name or title. Whether you’re starting a new business, planning a company event, or just want your customers to identify your staff, name badges are the option for you. With a broad range of color and size options available, you can create a finished product that your valued employees can wear with pride. Digital printing is more likely used for creating personalized name badges.

Are there different types?

In fact, they come in various guises depending on how or where they are to be used including Conferences, Exhibition, Promotional, Staff, Security, among others. They can be manufactured in a variety of ways depending on the technology employed by the company supplying them.

  • Digitally printed with a domed resin coating
  • Dye sublimation
  • Engraving
  • Hot-foiling
  • Printed card with polypropylene pockets & lanyards
  • Stamping
  • Screen-printing  printed color name badges

We recommend digitally printed name badges because they offer cost-effectiveness for large print runs.

An eye-catching embellishment for your clothes

If you need lots of color name badges at a reasonable price and of very high quality, digitally printing name badges help your name or logo stand apart from the rest. Also, you can opt for having logos on badges or not.

Pins are also a great stylish way to mark yourself with your logo, flag, or a cause.

  Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

Die Struck Enamel Lapel Pin

Die Struck Enamel Lapel Pin