Turn your car into a mobile billboard with vehicle wraps

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Why choose car wraps?

Simply because car wraps or vehicle wraps serve as large, moving billboards. They carry your contact information and establish that your business is savvy, stylish, and up-to-date. And you customized them for better results.

Custom-designed car wraps

Vehicle wrapsCar graphics printed on vinyl decals are exceptional to increase brand visibility, promote local organizations and communities. They are available in many popular sizes. 2.1 mil. Gloss White Complex Curve – Bubble-Free Technology. Minimum Size: 1′ High x 1′ Wide. Maximum Size: 53″ High x 150′ Wide. And can be put in perforated vinyl and see-through vinyl.

Wraps printed on perforated vinyl

Perforated vinyl is a sheet of vinyl material with a pattern of tiny holes cut through it. There are so many of these holes that a significant amount of the material is removed. The amount of vinyl removed ranges usually from 30 to 50%.  For instance, 60/40 vinyl is 60% vinyl and 40% holes.  Perforated vinyl signs are opaque when seen from outside a window. The inner side of perforated vinyl, however, is dark colored.

Extend a car wrap with see-through vinyl

Perforated vinyl can be used to extend a wrap over the side and rear windows of a truck or other vehicle.  A perforated vinyl window works like window tinting to reduce glare and eliminate visibility from the outside in while allowing full visibility from the inside out. As a result, it allows you to advertise and have privacy at the same time.

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Professional Vehicle Wraps

Get attention with professional vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective forms of mobile advertising, along with car stickers. They are regularly viewed and stand out from the everyday media clutter to reach a large audience every day. We recommend a durable film for a professional look- that is extremely conformable and easy to apply – and graphics printed at a very high resolution to produce an impressive, high-quality graphic that will last you for many years to come.

Print companies usually include graphic design and installation of your custom car wrap.