The 5 Pieces of Marketing Collateral Every Small Business Needs

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Whether you’re a new small business owner just getting off the ground or an established business looking to rebrand, marketing collateral is a key piece of how you communicate with prospective customers and the world. Every small business needs a few key pieces of marketing collateral to establish themselves and always have a printed, professional answer to customer questions.

5 Pieces of Marketing Collateral Every Small Business Needs

  1. Business Cards: These are essential for networking and always having your contact information handy for prospective customers and interested businesses. You should always carry business cards with you wherever you’re headed, since you never know when you’ll meet a potential client. Your business card should be professionally designed and printed—the first impression that you make matters.
  2. Letterhead and Envelopes: Who sends letters anymore? Plenty of businesses, including yours. While emails have become the standard method of communication, letterhead and envelopes are an excellent investment. Anything from an invoice to a thank-you letter looks more professional on letterhead.
  3. Leave-Behind Marketing Materials: What do you give customers when they ask for more information, but they (or you) don’t have time to stop and talk right then? Brochures, flyers, fact sheets and price lists all come in handy. Depending on your industry, we can assist you in designing and printing any leave-behind marketing materials that are appropriate for you. While it’s tempting to tell customers to just visit your website, that doesn’t have nearly the same impact as a professionally printed brochure.
  4. Folders: Handing a customer a haphazardly-stacked bundle of papers is no way to get your point across. Folders help to keep things organized at meetings, consultations and more. You can also use folders to hold other pieces of marketing collateral.
  5. A Logo: You might not think of a logo as part of your marketing collateral, but it’s the glue that binds all of your other advertising and marketing efforts together. A well-designed logo is unique and professional, and it can stick with your small business for decades.

Victory Print and Design for Your Small Business Marketing Collateral Needs

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